Climate Change

What’s the problem? The Earth is warming at an alarming rate. 20 years ago, United Nations’ scientific community agreed that anything more than 2.5˚ C would result in widespread catastrophes throughout the environment. Currently, the Earth has warmed 1.5 degrees and already the impact has been felt through increased storms, increased fire seasons, and higher […]

Human Exceptionalism

One of my classes this semester is Renewable Energy Systems. I came into the class thinking it was going to primarily focus on the different types of energy generation systems that exist, but I was somewhat mistaken. My professor has a background in National Security with a focus on energy security and brings a philosophical […]


Last week was DIS’s first study/travel-week, where half of the students get a week off, and the other travel with their core course. I was part of the former group as well as some of my homestay network friends. We decided to spend most of the week off in Budapest, Vienna, and Prague.  Late last […]