Core Course Week

Last week was Core Course Week. This meant that for the entire week, I was with my core course doing different activities. Monday To start it off, my studio went to our furniture workshop in Amager (pronounced Ama). Here we spent all day learning how to use the machines from table saws to biscuit/domino cutters. [...]


The lack of focus on women's history has been a greater problem than the lack of sources.VasaMuseet Kvindnoord Exhibit Planning This weekend I spent Saturday in Stockholm. After my nine hours of classes on Friday, a group from my homestay-network left, by train, for a day in Stockholm. While planning this trip, the group that [...]

One week of explorations

This past week was full of different explorations throughout the city of København, filled with swimming, laughing, and learning. Last Saturday, the homestay network in Roskilde got together to go swimming in the harbor baths. With about the same temperature as Puget Sound ~50 F, I was a touch skeptical on how long I could [...]

Regulation and Tolerance

In two days of Amsterdam, nothing was more prevalent than the differences between regulation and tolerance. While researching things to do in Amsterdam prior to leaving, I came across many marijuana cafe's, magic mushroom stores, and different shops that sold paraphernalia. From this I logically concluded that marijuana was legal in the city. I was [...]