Cultural Events

On the 28th of September I got the change to go to a F.C. København match. It was awesome! Even though I couldn’t understand even close to a quarter of what was being said, it was great to be part of the atmosphere. DIS provided tickets and our seats were 10 rows back and on the goal line; we had a gorgeous view of one goal. We got lucky that all the goals in this game were scored on our side.

Something that was different about a European match was learning who you HAD to cheer for. Due to safety reasons, fans had to cheer for the home team if they were seated any were outside of the fenced off area. Yes, the opposing fans got their own entrance and had a fence and security separating them from all the København fans.

The next day, some of my friends from my homestay network and I went down to Møns Klint, the white cliffs of Denmark. It was great to see the southern park of Sjælland and get to almost 130 meters above the ocean. Note that the highest point in Denmark is a whopping 147 meters above sea level, so getting to 130 was pretty high for the entire country.

All of the shirts at Møns Klint however had one number on them 992. The reason why became clear when we went down to the beach. Almost 500 steps down which then meant another almost 500 steps up. I actually counted going up and it came to a total of 464 steps going up, we were tired! The beach itself was gorgeous. Black rocks contrasted the towering white cliffs.

After leaving, we went to 3 of the six lost giants around København. An artist a few years ago created six wooden sculptures to help people explore outside of the city.

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I am a 21 year old studying architecture and applied mathematics at Cal Poly in SLO. I am spending a full school year abroad in Copenhagen studying architecture at DIS

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