One week of explorations

This past week was full of different explorations throughout the city of København, filled with swimming, laughing, and learning.

Last Saturday, the homestay network in Roskilde got together to go swimming in the harbor baths. With about the same temperature as Puget Sound ~50 F, I was a touch skeptical on how long I could enjoy the swim. I was pleasantly surprised upon leaping off the 15 foot high dive, that it was refreshing in the heat of the day. I was not expecting, having forgotten where the harbor connected to, that the water would be salt water. It is supposed to be very warm this next week before the rain hits next Tuesday, so looking forward to taking full advantage of the lovely weather and heading back out.

On Sunday, the entire homestay network of host families and students met at the Roskilde Cathedral for a formal introduction to everyone. We got the great pleasure to explore the Royal Cathedral – all the queens and kings of Danmark are entombed in the cathedral. It is such a boon to be this close to such amazing gothic architecture. During this tour, I learned that close to 7,000 people will attend this cathedral on Christmas Eve for the five services held, and I could not even come close to imagining 1,500 people in the space, it would be packed!

Roskilde Cathedral

Just today, a few of us that are staying in Roskilde went out to Bakken: “The worlds oldest amusement park.” For almost four hours, we went on any large and fun looking ride, often more than once. The highlight of the day was easily a ride aptly named Extreme. My friend and I went on it five times, however, after the first time, the ride operator told us that if we went again he would make it go faster. Being college students, we immediately jumped on the offer and were sent on a much more extreme ride. We spent much of the four-to-five minutes upside-down or spinning in a multitude of directions. This was the first ride that I could feel the blood move to the other side of my face because of the G’s. The last time we went on it, the operator had another one of our friends grab her phone and take this picture.

Upside down on Extreme in Bakken

He deliberately put us upside-down and let the ride come to a stop for about five seconds. I doubt that any rides in the future will top this experience.

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I am a 21 year old studying architecture and applied mathematics at Cal Poly in SLO. I am spending a full school year abroad in Copenhagen studying architecture at DIS

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